Quitting smoking is always a energy sapping struggle between the brain and the body. Once you have got accustomed to smoking, nicotine tastes better than anything else! You tend to find one excuse or the other to light those killer sticks! In the past, smokers had to undergo severe pangs before they could finally quit their addiction. But, the modern day e-cigarettes accompanied with their e-liquids have made quitting smoking a less stressful experience. Though the electronic cigarettes have come as a blessing for many, there is still a lot of debate about their worth. In recent times, such debates have mostly centered around the flavours of e-liquids available with any e-liquid wholesale supplier in the UK.

Best E-liquid to Stop Smoking

Some researchers believe that the range of sweet and fruity flavors, available at any reputed wholesale e-liquids store in the UK, are encouraging the kids to try vaping. Then there are others who believe that the assortment of flavours is helping the adults quit smoking, without suffering! In the midst of such a heated debate in the UK, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health decided to get to root of the issue. They started a survey among the e-cig users and the results were startling yet logical!

As most of you would believe, electronic cigarette users would have a special liking for the tobacco flavor. But the study thwarted such a belief. Study found that most active smokers, used the tobacco flavor only in their transition stage (from analogue cigarettes to e-cigs). Once they got a hang of e-cigs, they often switch to the sweet or fruit flavored e-liquids. Going deeper into the new fondness for flavoured e-liquids, reflected in the high sales of such products st reputed e-liquid wholesale suppliers in the UK, the study found that most vapers liked to use more than just one flavour. 70% of all the respondents claimed that they tried out different flavours everyday. The trend showed that, in the first few weeks (of e-cig use) many smokers liked the tobacco flavour but they quickly transitioned to one or more attractive e-liquid flavours. Other key findings of the survey are:

Findings on the effectivenss of e-cigarettes

  1. 90% of vapers claimed that they had stopped smoking after using the e-cigarettes.
  2. 10% stated that they still used conventional cigarettes, but the consumption rates had drastically come down from 20 to 4 daily cigarettes (on an average).
  3. So, there was an 80% reduction in the smoking rates of active smokers.

Findings on the flavours of e-liquids

  1. When it comes to flavours for vapers, available with the wholesale e-liquids suppliers in Manchester and else where in the UK, 70% of respondents liked the fruit flavors while 61% opted for the sweet flavours.
  2. Contrary to the popular belief, only 43% claimed they used regular tobacco flavours in their e-cigarettes.

Findings on multiple Flavours of e-liquids

  1. 73% people expressed that they enjoyed the present variety of flavours.
  2. 50% claimed that the using one flavour wasn't a good approach to give up tobacco, as the flavour would lose its charm with repeated use, leading the recent smoker back to his/her old ways.
  3. 44% of respondents who are still smoking analog cigarettes claimed that they would not be able to quit smoking if there was a limited number of e-liquid flavours.
  4. 61% claimed that eliminating e-liquid flavor options would cease their enjoyment of vaping.

So, based on such findings it can be safely said that vapers are enjoying the endless flavours put in front of them by the premium e-liquid stores in the UK. With an attractive range of e-liquid flavours in its stocks, Clearance King has become a go to destination for all brave-hearts opting for health over smoking!