For all those who had been using e-cigarettes there is good news attached with the use of e-cigarettes as suggested by Italian Oncologist. As per various scientific studies conducted on electronic cigarette, results indicate that this health friendly product is the only solution to fight against tobacco smoking. Globally now government can support the use of electronic Cigarette as studies prove, e-cigarette are not carcinogenic in nature. Worldwide, nicotine smoking hazards were spreading like a malware yet, nothing much could come out as a best working alternative to minimize use of traditional cigarettes.


Renowned Professor Umberto Tirelli, Director of the Medical Oncology Department at National Cancer Institute in Aviano, Italy has always supported use of electronic cigarette. He therefore came out with scientific evidence to back his support for this product.

He along with his other friends like Carlo Cipolla of the European Institute of Oncology, Ricardo Polosa of University of Catania and others has been highlighting the multiple benefits of vaping over traditional smoking to prevent deadly cancer worldwide. From a survey of latest data from UK College London, it was learned that about 37.3% of the 8.46 million adult smokers in UK had made mind to quit smoking in the year 2014. About 28.2 % out of 37.3% had taken resort to electronic smoking in order to improve their chances to quit smoking.

Use of e-cigarette has turned out to be one of the most useful alternatives all over the world to other replacement therapy such as gum and patches to allow smokers to quit traditional smoking. Electronic smoking has great potential to maintain familiar gesture which the other alternatives lacked.

Some visible advantages of Electronic Cigarettes

1. Do not produce combustion and minimizes any risk of inhalation of carcinogenic substances

2. Do not produce tar, carbon monoxide, lingering odors and second hand smoke

3. Do not give rise to yellow teeth, fingers or walls

In another study that was conducted in the year 2013, Konstatinos Farsalinos had mentioned valid reasons to electronic cigarette turning out to be more effective than any other replacement. Those reasons he pointed out were- the product proves out to be more effective as it provides rituals which is closely associated to smoking behavior and sensory stimulation. Also, the product is no different to traditional cigarette. It consist a battery which is chargeable in nature, a charger, a power cord, an atomizer and a cartridge. The puff produced by the cigarette is non-combustible in nature and comes in various kinds of flavors.

In order to popularize the use of electronic vaping cigarette, continuous researchers across the world are administered to help smokers quit smoking and safeguard their health. These researches are mainly focused at studying the potential risk if any of the toxins used to generate vapor or safety measures to be observed while using the product and introducing safe nicotine contents for e-cigarette cartridges. With such attempts at regulated research across the world, combating lung cancer among passive cigarette smokers is not far away from any countries reach.