The trend is changing, and more and more people are willing to get their hands dirty when it comes to doing a task. Therefore, DIY products are high in demand now-a-days. With services being rocket-high expensive, everyone is bound to take a few smaller tasks into their to-do list. To accomplish such tasks you require good quality tools, accessories and hardware.

Wholesale DIY Pound Lines
DIY pound lines are here to stay for long due to its high demand. Most noteworthy, it accounts for a great product at your pound shop or discount store. Hence showcasing the same will gain you a lot of profit. By offering DIY tools to your customers as per the latest trends will ensure that you have a good foot fall, which ultimately will result in good profits for your business.
Clearance King is a recognised name as a wholesale pound shop supplier for DIY products.

There are products related to painting, decorating, home maintenance etc. You can find good quality branded and non-branded products at wholesale prices. The extensive range of DIY pound line includes stainless steel bolts, double side sticky tapes, glues, aluminium stairs, steel shafts, play doughs, door knockers, various sizes of screws, hinges, insulated tapes, hose pipe connectors, scappers, hammers, scissors, measuring tape, staple gun, pliers, screw driver sets, handsaw, shelf supports, paint brushes, batteries etc.

The list of products is long, basically it includes everything that is a necessity to paint, decorate or maintain the daily household. All these products are quite high in demand all time. So, If you are in a need of a wide range of discounted products, contact Clearance King. It is the largest Pound shop wholesaler and supplier of DIY pound lines in the UK and Europe.

We never fail to offer you with the best online shopping experience. Almost all our products are available in abundance, hence readily available when you order. We deal with both Branded and Non-branded products. So you can opt according to your business requirements.

Most noteworthy, we have a keen eye for quality and value while choosing any supplies. We make sure to choose the best products for you. Hence we work with trusted manufactures and partner with them to offer you what is best in the market.
Clearance King has a ‘no-minimum order’ policy. This helps the buyers to shop small and make a wise decision based on all the required factors. Here you get the best wholesale DIY products in the UK at competitive prices. You can avail the best in class customer service and technical assistance too.

So if you are looking out for the same in and around the UK region order online or place a call to our agents. You can also visit our store in Manchester and we will ensure your needs are met. And enjoy the special deals and discounts to share the same with your customers.