Manchester England, United kingdom-Clearance King, a leading clearance lines and pound lines supplier in Manchester, United Kingdom has brought a new range of trendy and stylish wholesale fashion clothing, jewelry supplies, footwear options and various other accessories. Clearance King is offering new styles and latest fashion clothes & accessories for retailers in UK at very cheap prices.

Clearance King - reputed pound lines supplierClearance King specialises in importing and wholesale selling of high quality pound line fashion clothing for men, women & children. This is a great opportunity for retailers, online sellers, independent businesses dealing with sale of fashion clothing and accessories, retail stores and anyone else who wishes high margins and profits from retail sale of clothes. Further, there are also various discount options available for buyers who purchase goods in bulk thus making the deal sweeter for them.

The number of pound shops has increased exponentially in the last few years. This is a clear sign of pound line marketplace flourishing at a rapid speed all over the UK. It has also provided a whole new level of shopping choices for buyers in UK as they now have a very wide range of selections at stores near them and the prices at these stores are also very low.

Clearance King is one of the most reputed wholesale suppliers in UK dealing with fast selling pound line goods. Therefore, it maintains a huge selection of low cost goods that can be purchased by retailers and offered to end users at very low prices.

Clearance King also offers many options to buyers for purchasing goods. They can visit their physical store located in the heart of Manchester, United Kingdom or place their order on their online shopping portal. Further, one can also call their customer car number and place orders over telephone.

The discount offers provided on bulk orders is another thing to look out for buyers. A discount of 5% to 10% can make a huge difference to your profit margins when you buy in bulk and sell retail. The products are from branded companies and manufacturers therefore quality is never an issue and demand is also high for them.

About Clearance King

Clearance King is a Manchester located wholesaler and reputed family owned businesses dealing in importing and wholesale selling of low cost fast selling lines in UK. With more than 60 years of experience in this line of work, Clearance King is definitely your most viable option for purchasing pound line supplies in UK.

Its wide range of pound lines include everyday cleaning items, batteries, toiletries, medicalsupplies, stationary, DIY tools, party accessories, kitchenware, electronics, smoking products, gifts, household goodsand much more.