Common England let’s do it!

The FIFA World cup fever is ON and it is coming home to England..

It is World cup season and what is better than your team performing well. Some excellent teamwork by the young England players has got them into the semi-finals. It is going to be a lifetime and a life changing opportunity for the team. They have not got this far since 1990 and have not won the World Cup since 1966!

The supporters are out there showing all the love to their team for today's game against Croatia. This world cup season has shown a surge in the demand of England paraphernalia. Flags, caps, wristbands and anything with the St Georges flag on it has proved very popular. Houses, cars and people are spotted with England merchandise to show their support for their team in the FIFA World cup semi-final match and the nation is hoping they can go on to win.

Today, the director of Clearance King, Shazada, one of the leading pound line wholesale suppliers to the retail stores and discount / bargain stores, was invited on a breakfast with Chelsea which was broadcasted on BBC Radio Manchester. The audience witnessed a great conversation between the host and director along with some added humour which was greatly appreciated. The conversation also involved talk about an increase in sales of England Merchandise due to the current 2018 World cup.

Listen to the broadcast here:

Shazada explained the impact of the world cup on the demand of England merchandise and also shared his opinion on the England team saying that they have all the attributes to bring it home! He seemed very positive on England’s win this time and discussed how they did not get very far on their last outing in 2014.

Clearance King wishes the England team the best of luck for the FIFA world cup semi-finals tonight.