E-cigarette is less harmful than cigarettes With a universal consensus by all UK doctors that encourages the use of e-cigarette as against the habit of active tobacco smoking which is harmful to health, most have now drifted to vaping. In fact, few physicians are of the opinion that, with right checks and measures the habit of vaping could improve lives of millions of people. But most who want to switch to vaping or who are already vapers have many questions in their mind related to the use of e-cigarette-

1.    Is e-cigarette a better alternative to smoking tobacco?

Smoking is associated with some serious health risks, hence opting for e-cigarettes substantially help in reducing significant health risks. It has been pointed out by not just one health expert but by various research institutes have conducted research studies to prove this fact.

2.    How harmful is nicotine?

Researchers and doctors tell nicotine is not the sole cause of smoking-related diseases like cancer and heart disease. But nicotine as a substance is highly addictive in nature, and when it is used more than what it should be consumed, it makes one fell little nauseous or lighthearted.

Even for e-cigarette vapers, an overdose of nicotine using would imply poisoning oneself. But the only security which vapers have over tobacco smoking is that the nicotine content is not consumed. It is just vaped and vapers can manage nicotine content present in the e-liquid.  Hence, vapers can jolly well meet their urge to vape a number of times in a day.

3.    Does e-liquids produce harmful chemicals or blow ups?

Yes, most e- liquids which are sold on the market without prior testing can surely cause health problems. But good quality and fully verified contents of e-cigarette liquids sold by trusted distributors have far fewer harmful chemical substances present in them. Also, remember to use a high-quality rechargeable device and right charger to ensure it does not produce acrid or unpleasant taste after heating the liquid. Hence, when purchasing e-liquids or rechargeable devices, look to buy it from reputable suppliers and avoid buying generic charging equipment.

4.    Can I smoke as well as vape at the same time?

For best health care and safety of health, it is important to quit smoking and vape only if one cannot do without smoking. But to smoke as well as vape e-cigarette is worse than even smoking tobacco.

However for smokers, it is tough to switch to vaping all at once, and the process of switching to e-cigarette takes time before one finally understands it is not at all a bad choice as opposed to smoking.

5.    Which e-cigarette should I select?

It is one area which one cannot recommend as it is more a personal choice. For many vapers selecting the refillable tank system consumes most of the time. Choosing the right flavour is another area of difficulty which most vapers may face a problem.

After that, how much nicotine is to be also used depends on upon how much nicotine one wants to get rid of cigarette smoking. The level of nicotine to be used is closely dependent on what type of device one is comfortable with or what device one uses. On an average, the active smokers find 18mg/ml or 1.8 % nicotine as a sufficient. Again this may differ from individual to individual.