E-Cigarettes are Saving Thousands of Lives Each Year!

Everyone knows, by now, that cigarette smoking is one of the leading causes of cancer. And many researches in this domain, have proved the success of e-cigarette in refraining smokers from their deadly habit. It is no wonder than those e-cigarettes are immensely popular products across Great Britain. If the ASH estimates of 2017 are to be believed there are presently 3 million e-cigarette users in the nation. More than half of these users are ex-smokers who have been weaned off their tobacco smoking habit with e-cigarettes. So, it is a proven fact now: e-cigarettes can help stop smoking. The simple conclusion that can be drawn is: it is saving thousands of lives each year!

Quit Smoking with Electronic CigarettesLet us now take a closer look at some pertinent questions regarding e-cigarettes and vapes.

What are e-cigarettes actually?

E-cigarettes, aka electronic cigarettes, are hand-held devices that need to be heated to emit a nicotine containing fluid. The fluid, which comes out as a vapour, can be breathed in by the user. Users who are addicted to the nicotine, can quench their craving through vaping. They can consume it as many times needed, across a day as the vapour they inhale does not contain the dangerous cocktail of chemicals associated with a cigarette stick. Nicotine is used here only as a flavour, and that too in minimal quantities. So, there are no any harmful effects of e-cigarette use.  

Does it promote under age smoking?

No, as the law has it, e-cigarettes cannot be purchased or sold to anyone below 18 years of age. When done so, it will call legal actions. So, there are plenty of restrictions to keep the under age kids from being exposed to nicotine through the e-cigarettes. Moreover, e-cigarette vapours contain such low amount of nicotine, that it cannot turn a first timer into an addict!

What are the long term effects of e-cigarettes?

Studies have already proved that e-cigarettes are safe alternatives to tobacco smoking. But there are questions being raised about the long term safety of this product. Sceptics suggest: as these products haven't been around for long, so there is no evidence to prove that they remain safe in the long run. But, know what, there are some evidences in this regard. Recent researches have all proved that e-cigarettes are closer to the Nicotine Replacement Therapy (an established therapy to quit smoking), from safety perspective, than they are to tobacco. On top of that, the modern day e-liquids flavour choices makes it easy for the smokers to shun their habit altogether. Most are able to entirely cease smoking, within some months of using e-cigarettes.

Quit Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes
What are the cost benefits of e-cigarettes over tobacco smoking?

A comprehensive study in this regard suggests that tobacco smokers spend twice as much compared to e-cigarette users. So, you can save hundreds of pounds by switching to e-cigarettes! Let us look through two key figures in this respect:

•    Average tobacco smoker in Britain spends around £400 every 3 months.
•    Average e-cigarette user in Britain spends £190 every 3 months in purchasing e-liquids and equipments for e-cigarettes.

So, you not only stay healthy but get wealthy as well with the use of these products.

How to vape safely?

Though each person has preferences, but if we are to answer this question, we would like to point towards some common tips.

  • While some users like the smaller “cig-a-like” e-cigarettes, the others like the modern day “tank-style” devices. Researchers suggest that the newer devices work better it satisfying the nicotine cravings of the user. However, you should select a type that is comfortable for you.
  • You should vape on the e-cigarettes as often as needed. Waiting for the cravings to reach an extreme point increases your chances of picking up a tobacco product. It should be noted in this respect that smokers often start with heavy frequency vaping and then settle down into a comfortable pattern.
  • Smoking on e-cigarettes does not exactly feel like tobacco smoking. If your efforts are not bearing fruits and you are still having to smoke tobacco, then you should seek help. There are many medications and support services that would help you overcome smoking. You may also try out different e-liquid flavours on your device, it might help you forget the nicotine craving.
  • E-cigarettes come with fire hazards too. There have been many fire incidents caused due to the overheating of the device. So, do not leave the device switched on and unattended.

What is the frequency and usage pattern of e-cigarettes?

Some trends have come up regarding the frequency of vaping. As is logical, smokers in their early stages show an abnormally high frequency of vaping. But within a couple of months, the frequency is shortened to normal levels. Also, ex-smokers start out by filling their device with nicotine flavoured e-liquids. But after a few months, they start experimenting with other attractive flavours. Before finally quitting the practice altogether!

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