Vaping helps you overcome a killer addiction – Smoking! If the statistics are to be believed, smoking leads to millions of preventable deaths across the globe each year. Let us dig deeper into statistics:

•    Tobacco consumption leads to around six million (preventable) deaths each year.
•    In UK, smoking accounts for a fifth of all deaths, annually.
•    Cigarette smoke contains a cocktail of more than 5,000 chemicals out of which nearly 70 may cause cancer.

Vaping is better than Smoking

How is vaping saving millions?

Now, let us shift our focus towards the e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes emit nicotine flavoured vapours, which satisfies the nicotine craving of a person addicted to smoking. The content of nicotine in this heated vapour is minimal. So, even when the vapour is inhaled (this act, by the way, is known as vaping) regularly there is no risk of smoking related health ailments such as heart disease or cancer!  

E-cigarettes hit the market in 2004, and since then they have been popular alternatives for tobacco smokers across the UK. Vaping has proved to be one of the best ways to quit smoking forever. Not only this, vaping on e-cigarettes is saving many lives each year. How? We have to throw some statistics to prove our point:

•    Presently, there are more than 3 million active vapers in the UK.
•    60% of all vapers are smokers, while 40% are ex-smokers.
•    Approximately, 1.5 million have stopped smoking completely with the help of e-cigarettes.

So, a large portion of experts believe that e-cigs are a blessing for the cigarette smokers in the UK! But then there is another group of sceptics who have raised various questions on the positive impact of this product. This then would be a good place to answer their doubts. Below, we would be trying to answer some questions (doubts) that the critics have raised against vaping.

Is vaping better than smoking?

Vaping vs SmokingThe nicotine content in the e-cigarette vapours is the primary cause of this doubt. As a result, many researches have been conducted to prove the benefits of vaping over smoking. Recent studies, by Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians, found that "vaping only carries a fraction of the risk that smoking does". Earlier in the year, a study funded by the Cancer Research UK carried out health checks of long-term e-cigarette users with an intention to finding the effects of nicotine (inhaled through e-cigarettes) on their body. And they, of course, found minimal levels of harmful toxins in the bodies of respondents. Furthermore, the level of toxins put the respondents in no health risks at all. So, vaping is much, much safer than  tobacco smoking!

Is vaping addictive?

The next allegation against vaping is that: smokers in their urge to quit smoking, pick up on a new addiction – Vaping. First of all, the entire concept is vague. Vaping is a very comfortable way of quitting tobacco smoking. Addiction to tobacco products, especially cigarettes, needs slow weaning off. A sudden cessation of smoking may bring symptoms such as nausea, lightheadedness and other health symptoms. Moreover, it is too much to ask an active smoker to shun nicotine entirely, overnight. Even the de-addiction programs around the UK approve of vaping as a great first step to overcome the nicotine urge. There are negligible instances of users getting addicted to vaping. Most e-cigarette users are able to lower their vaping frequency with time and then shun it altogether. Apart from this there are many ways to overcome the urge for vaping. Firstly, users can reduce the nicotine level in their e-liquids. Secondly, there is attractive range of e-liquid flavours available with the wholesale electronic cigarettes & e-liquid suppliers in the UK, which help avoid the addictive nicotine fumes altogether.  

Does e-cigarette vapours harm other people around?

Inquisitive people have sought answer to this. Passive smoking (caused by tobacco products) is known to cause a lot of harm and thus, there is a feeling that anything dealing with nicotine (even when in negligible quantity) would bring the same health hassles. Let us tell you: second hand e-cigarette vapours will not bother your health in any way. Though some studies found traces of toxic chemicals in second hand vapours, but the levels of chemicals are so low that they are not likely to pose any health risks!

Are vapours creating a new generation of smokers?

This school of thought has its seeds in America. For, vaping has become a major concern among the kids and youths of America. It is believed that after experiencing nicotine for the first time, the youth in America are taking up tobacco smoking. So, this trend (from America) led to a large scale study in the UK. And the findings were again in favour of vaping! It was found that a small fraction of kids in the UK do experiment with vaping, but it never turns into regular use. And yes, they never turn out to be smokers just by this exposure to e-cigarette vapours. On the contrary, it was found that smoking rates among the kids and young people is on a sharp decline, in the last few years, and some portion of this credit surely goes to the evolution of e-cigarettes!  

So, if you want to quit smoking, then vaping is a good way to take this life changing leap!