A good ride does not necessarily imply owning a super expensive car or riding at excellent roadways. It contains various other factors such as- compatibility between rider and the car, smooth operation of the car and adequate maintenance of the car.  When such factors are clubbed together; individual is bound to witness a joyful ride every time he/she travels any distance.


putting of good car air fresheners inside the car


No matter how expensive the car is; lack of proper maintenance leads to distaste for the valuable. The car may start giving foul smell and the colour of the car loses its luster due to dust. But regular dusting helps maintain the natural shine of the car and putting a car air freshener inside removes occurrence of pungent smell. However, car care involves many other important facets and they are-

  1. Cleaning the windshield- Use spongy pads and cleaning fluids to clean windshields which get dirty due to accumulation of dust. Keeping the windshield dirty is a huge safety hazard as it obstructs clear view. Remember to wipe regularly the headlights too as they too are highly important parts of car.
  2. Wash the car regularly- regular use of car leads to accumulation of salt, grease, grime, acid rain, smog, tree sap, dead bugs etc. Such things damage metal and eat away the paint of the car. Although, such atmospheric issues do not result to immediate damage to the valuable but it slowly erodes the vehicle.
  3.   Remember to clean the interior of the car- clean the mats, seats and floor carpets with a vacuum. Clean the debris by sliding the front seat and from under front seat. Gently, pull the leather or plastic from the sides of the vacuum.
  4. Clean sweep dash, knobs, vinyl surfaces and plastic trims using electrostatic dust cloth or old towel.
  5. Foul smell inside the car occurs due to dust, accumulation of wrappers, sweat, pets and others. Foul gas accumulation gets removed with regular cleaning and putting of good car air fresheners inside the car. The sweet smell of the air fresheners releases tension and tiredness of long drive in the car along with making the air inside the car purified.
  6. The windows of the car gets dirty due to grease, grime and bugs and such can be easily cleaned with the help of auto glass hardeners.

Vehicles of present days are much more complex because of computer electronic mechanism, sophisticated engines and insertion of silicon chips. Therefore, taking good care of cars is highly important for any car owner if they are looking for long durability of the car.

Regular maintenance removes all risks of early damage of the valuable possession. Such care involves both interior as well as exterior care of the care just similar to how any individual takes care of their house. In short, care helps in keeping the car fresh and good performing just as it is when purchased new.