The autumn fair may have ended but for UK’s top Pound line and Pound Plus supplier- Clearance King, the participation ended with an overwhelming experience. Apart from good sales and flocking in of visitors, our decisive factor at four days event was; hold of the new customer base. Further, the visit of Mr Christopher Edwards at their stall was a treat for the business.

Over the years, we as a company had succumbed many ‘leaps and bounds’ to attain a firm position in the entire wholesale industry. It has led to the growing client base and continued offering pleasure with our dedicated service and business. With our good performance, we are today recognised at the very first moment by the client base in the market. And an occasion like UK’s most anticipated Autumn Fair adds extra mileage to our success chart.

It is because of gatherings like yearly autumn fair that we get a chance to interact with both existing and new visitors. We also get a chance to understand the experience of our customers. It helps us in diversifying our product line-up as per change in the demand for the product. We as a company lay stress on customer requirements and try to offer valuable support to the young market traders in establishing their business.

Today, we are not just UK’s top Pound Plus and Pound Line supplier, but we have become famous because of our broad categories of goods too. To name some of our other product line-ups- Clearance lines, smoking and electronic cigarettes, Job lots, Christmas, summer essentials, etc. Similar to Pound Line and Pound Plus products, the other categories of goods that we offer are of excellent quality. But most importantly, we never compromise with the rising demand for substantial quality standards. This is why; the traders can usher immense faith in us as they buy any product from us.

Along with the standard quality of the product, the other thing that complements our business approach is our user-friendly business service. We provide easy ways to order and easy modes of payment. There is no set limit for orders, and when payment is done through credit or debit cards, we charge no extra fee from the traders. All in all, much encouragement is offered for direct import or export services on any product. For any detail information on product or query related to products we deal with, please feel free to email or a call us at our contact detail. We will surely resolve the matter soon and help you trade annoy free.