Wondering if e-cigarettes or vape are a better and safer option than the regular ones?

Well, the good news is e-cigarettes are somewhat less harmful than the cigarettes stated by some researches. Smoking, as we all know is attached with some of the other health hazards. Hence replacing the tobacco with e-liquids is a sensible decision to be made by any smoker.

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Despite of numerous benefits of e-cigarettes over the traditional cigarettes. It is still not suggested for the non-smokers to try and get addicted to e-cigarettes. A calculated quantity of nicotine which is present in e-liquids that an e-cigarette vaporises is totally safe. They do not have any health hazards of smoking cigarettes like cancer or heart diseases. But the level of intake should be monitored.

E-cigarettes usually do not produce harmful smoke like the cigarette. This counts for another good reason to switch from smoke to vape. It is supposed to be one of the ways to quit the hazardous smoking. It’s different in the manner that you need to take slower and longer puffs over a long period of time. It works in 2-3 puffs, and then you can leave and reuse it later, unlike the cigarette where you finish it in a go.

Also, a major reason is cost; you will find it cheaper than cigarettes. It is a one-time investment of e-cigarette starter kit and then you can replace e-liquids into it. So, here are Most Popular E-Liquid brands in the UK:

  • 88 Vape: 88 Vape E-liquids and Kits are available with exciting flavours that are quite popular among vapers, including Menthol Chill, Grape Freeze, Apple Crumble, Arctic Cherry, Red Cola, Raspberry Ripple, etc. 
  • Slushie: These e-juices are made in Great Britain and come in transparent plastic bottles. They are marketed in 2 different variants - A three bottle pack of 10 ml each contains three grams of nicotine, whereas the 50 bottle contains zero nicotine. In the retail store, this brand gains a lot of eyes due to its colourful packaging. Some popular flavours include Cola Slush, Blueberry Slush, Pineapple Slush, Apple Slush and Bubblegum Slush.
  • Mr Coily: Get flavours like Purple Slurpy, RBC, Pink Fizz, Electric Orange and Berry Fusion that the vapers are going to love. The outer cardboard box is quite colourful, this, in turn, attracts a lot of consumers. The VG/PG is 70/30, which is the most common ratio of a vape juice.
  • Nasty Juice: Nasty Juice is equally popular among experienced vapers and newbies. Some popular variants include Trap Queen, Wicked Haze, Asap Grape and Fat Boy. Their black bottles with colourful graphics on them, along with attractive names of the flavours attract numerous customers from across the UK.
  • Red Cloud: Red Cloud is a superior e-liquid brand. The most popular flavours include Andromeda, Sculptor, Heizen and Sputnik.
  • The Notorious Vape Co: The popular flavours from this brand include Orange Ice, Mango Ice, Sour Berry Gum and Grape Ice.
  • Bone Crusher: A premium e-liquid brand in UK. The popular flavours include Tobacco, Strawberry Milkshake, Rhubarb & Custard, Vamp and Jam on Toast. You will find both three mg nicotine vape juices and six mg nicotine vape juices. This lets you target both moderate and heavy smokers. 
  • Fantango: You can choose from flavours like orange and mango, apple blackcurrant, grapeberry ice, strawberry lime ice and lemon and lime. The VG/PG ratio of these vape juices is 80/20.
  • Hangsen: Hangsen is one of the premium brands for e-liquids. The popular flavours from this category include Ice Menthol, Strong Mint, Mango, Virgnia, Double Menthol and Vanilla, to name a few. These bottles carry a PG/VG mix of 80/20, a combination quite popular among vapers.
  • WOW: They offer UK-made bottles with a PG/VG ration of 80/20, which is preferred by the vapers across the country. The E-juices look attractive on the shelves of the store due to its beautifully done packaging. Some of the popular flavours from this brand include Kandi, Purple Lust, Mangabae, Pineapple Bliss, and Strawberry Cream.
  • Kik: KIK offers over 80 different fantastic e-liquids collection. From the traditional tobacco flavours to fruit e-liquids and special e-shisha mixes. Available in five different nicotine strengths, some of Kik’s most popular vape juices include Rolling Tobacco, Blueberry, and Menthol Sensation. These vape liquids are perfect for new and seasoned e-cigarette enthusiasts alike.
  • Nicotine Shot: Nicotine Shots or Nic Shots are 10ml TPD regulated bottles of high strength flavourless nicotine, It’s designed to be added to short fill or shake and vape bottles of non-nicotine containing e-liquid

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