While the car & bike accessories wholesale industry is highly fragmented, forming a trusted relationship with any wholesaler can be a daunting prospect. Many retail entrepreneurs find themselves hitting a brick wall and losing momentum when they need to source products. There are some key points that one needs to remember and follow when searching for a car & bike accessories wholesaler and supplier.

First and foremost, to find the right wholesale supplier, it becomes mandatory to understand your industry's distribution channel and also to know where you fit in the supply chain. You must have a clear understanding of whether you are in the lower end or upper end of the Bike & car accessories supply chain. Further, you need to interact with people having prior experience in the industry and try to gain knowledge from them. They can always give you some real life pointers that no one else could.

Secondly, since everybody has become price conscious nowadays, an accessories wholesale supplier who can deliver goods at the lowest possible prices can be searched for. One can also search for wholesalers who can give discounts. Unit cost, delivery time scales, quality control, returns policies and guarantees should also be kept in mind while negotiating with the wholesaler. These are the things that will help you push your products to your buyers.

Thirdly, know which product(s) you're looking for from your wholesaler. You should know your market demands and should partner with a wholesaler who can provide you wholesale accessories for cars and bikes that you need. There are thousands of models, make types and brands of vehicles in UK, you should know what accessories your buyers want from you. Make sure that your wholesale supplier has permanent stock of these parts and could bring in more supplies when demand grows.

Fourthly, it is important that the retailers know the quantities they require and also understand the budget available with them. Although this may not seem like a big point for selection process but still it is a great advice for all retailers in general. You should always have a clear understanding of your budget and your requirements. Do not let your wholesaler push unnecessary products to you and make you go above your set budget. This is a normal practice that wholesalers follow to increase their sale. So do not go for it unless they are offering you a very good deal.

Lastly, a piece of advice, you should be calm, comfortable and polite while negotiating with the wholesaler because friction in business leads to huge losses. Having long term relationships that are based on mutual respect can help you go a lot way in your retail business.

Many websites, business networks, groups and forums can be helpful in finding the right wholesaler. However, one should be cautious enough, so as not to receive bad advice under best intentions or be approached by spammers. Trade publications and exhibitions can also be considered as mediums to find the best of wholesalers.