Many researches have shown that the discount stores are surpassing the super markets. The discounters’ rates are the reason behind this growth as compared to that of super markets. This helped more discount stores or pound shops to be opened that may replace super markets in future.

Fast-Growing Discount Stores or Pound shops

These studies have also shown a decline in sales for the popular super markets. And it clearly illustrates the growth of discount stores in coming five years. Market will see an explosive growth over the coming years. This scenario will surely be challenging and competitive for the supermarkets. All the big giants in the super market industry have already seen a fall in their sales and suffered loss.

Clearance King is a wholesale supplier and distributor to such pound shop or discount stores and pound shops. The rates offered for the products here for retail and bulk orders help the business grow for these stores. The reason behind such low costs is the fact that they deal directly with the manufacturers and in bulk.

Hence, stocking up goods for the discount stores and offering the same to the customers, sounds like a good idea. Removing a chain in hierarchy and direct dealing with the companies offer a great scope of growth. The quality of the product is good and at quite a low cost. This helps the discount stores to restock as per the changing market demands.

The customers are happy to have all the latest trends as an option at affordable prices. And hence visit discount stores for shopping their required goods.

Similar to super markets, these discount stores have multi brands and even non-branded products. The products are to match the latest market trends and at much lower prices. Therefore super markets are soon to be replaced by fast-growing discount stores.

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