Clearance King is all stocked up with the best of pound lines products available at wholesale cost-effective prices. If you have not checked out the wholesale range, visit online or walk-in to the store. The cost for each and every product is much less as compared to other competition. The reason being that there is no middle man in our dealing, we directly connect with the manufactures to make them available to you.

The trendiest of products are made available here at discounted prices. We deliver all over the UK and nearby places, and in the process of expanding our wings. Many discount and pound line stores benefit from us deals and discounts.

So if you are planning to stock up your store, check out Clearance King. We have earned a reputation in the wholesale world and understand what is required by the clients. Hence we serve accordingly to keep one and all happy and satisfied with our products and services.

why your Business needs Clearance King  - Wholesale Pound Lines Supplier

•  Online Shopping: In this day and age of digitalization, everything is found on the internet. This makes even the most tedious task sound easy. So with an online option to shop, you can access to our wide range of pound shop products at wholesale discount prices. We also have a free delivery option available for bills above 299 pounds. The wholesale website is user-friendly and showcases all the deals and discounts.

 Wide range of products
We offer our extensive range of products that are as per current trends and popular products among the mass. So by opting the same for your store/shop, you can stock up with the best inventory.
Also, Clearance King covers varies vertical for every requirement. You can shop for e-cigarettes, baby & kids, electrical, healthy & beauty, household, pets, clothing & fashion, gardening products, gifts & toys, etc.

• Cost-effective/affordable
The products available with us are cost-effective. As we do direct dealing with manufacturers, this makes the process and cost of the products quite affordable. The quality of products is not tempered even with such low costs.
We guarantee the best prices as compared to our competition. You can scan the market before approaching us and see for yourself.

• No-minimum order Policy
With the no-minimum order policy available, even your small business can benefit. In case you are starting off with your business, and want to start small. Avail our no minimum order policy, you can order small. By doing so, your business can experiment with what works well you’re your customers and manoeuvre accordingly.

• Bulk Ordering
Bulk buying is cheaper and more cost-effective for discount stores and pound shops. So in case, your store can afford to store the inventory, order bulk. Clearance King has an up-to-date product range and lower rates. So this enables you to stock on the popular items that gives the surety to sell.