With every changing day, there is a difference in the trends. The latest trends are to be followed by many and hence to match to this level is important. To overpower the competition it is suggested to be a step forward from them. Offer your customers products that are in demand and gain profits from the same.

New Range of wholesale products for pound shops

We are a growing company, to meet our valuable customers' requirements we keep on adding new wholesale products range. Clearance King adds new products every now and then to enhance their existing stock. This helps the Pound shops and discount retail stores to be at par with the market requirements. The products are available at wholesale rates in and around the UK region. The quality of these products is best available and you can opt for huge qualities too. Clearance King is UK’s number #1 pound store for all latest wholesale products under various categories.

Check out our wholesale pound line store for the new range of pound shop products. Or you can also walk-in to our physical store and go through the discounts and offers available. The range is wide and available at great prices. Our team is always happy to help, you can order online, over a call or at the store. There is a no minimum order policy too, that helps even small business to grow.

Some of the latest product launches are:

  • Chew toys for dogs under Pet category
  • Kids toys under Baby & Kids category
  • Ashtray Holder under Smoking category
  • Towels under Household category
  • Storage Boxes under Household category
  • Men’s moisturizer under Health & Beauty category
  • Batteries under Electrical category
  • Kitchen tools under Household category
  • 3d stickers under Baby & Kids category
  • Screen wipes under Electrical category
  • Refillable Lighters under Smoking category
  • Door Stops under household category
  • Nail Clipper/trimmer under Health & Beauty category
  • Tooth Brush under Health & Beauty category
  • Incense sticks under Household category
  • Mirror under Health & Beauty category
  • Hair Brush under Health & Beauty category
  • Rolling papers under Smoking category
  • Gloves under Household category
  • Surface Polish under Household category
  • Rolling Trays under Smoking category
  • Microwaveable mugs under Household category
  • Pipe bongs under Smoking category
  • Hair Conditioner under Health & Beauty category
  • Festive Season gifts 
  • Body Lotions/Shower gels under Health & Beauty category

The list is long and never ending, there is an addition to almost every category with the latest products available. Hence stock up your pound or discount store with such products and keep your customers happy and beat the competition.