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  • Fidget Toys Advent Calendar - Super Star Christmas Edition - Pack of 24 Fun Fidget Toys

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  • Kodak LED Pen Torch Flashlight with Battery & Clip - 20 Lumens - 9.5cm

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  • Stay Fresh Re Useable Grip Seal Food Bags For Bread - 65cm x 26cm - Pack Of 12

    stay fresh re useable grip seal food bags for bread - 65cm x 26cm - pack of 12

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  • Raw Classic King Size Slim Natural Unrefined Rolling Papers - Organic Hemp - Black - Box Of 50

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  • Fragranced Swing Bin Liners With Tie Handles - Fresh Linen And Citrus Lemon - Pack Of 20

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  • Plastart Hide Box Deep Container - 5L

    plastart hide box deep container - 5l

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  • Spiral Adult Colouring Book - 2 Assorted Colours And Designs -  0% VAT - Assorted Types

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  • Clipper Soft Touch Electronic Refillable Pocket Mini Tube Lighter - Assorted Colours

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  • Tidyz Wheelie Bin Liners - 300 Litres - 143 x 230cm - Roll Of 15

    tidyz wheelie bin liners - 300 litres - 143 x 230cm - roll of 15

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  • Elements Mini Removable Sticker - 9 x 5.5cm

    elements mini removable sticker - 9 x 5.5cm

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  • Hand Muller 4 Piece Metal Herb & Tobacco Grinder - The Bulldog - Amsterdam

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  • Connect It Audio/Video Scart to 2 Scart Lead - 1m

    connect it audio/video scart to 2 scart lead - 1m

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Most Preferred Wholesale Suppliers in the UK

Clearance King is one of the most popular pound shop and pound line wholesale suppliers and distributors in the UK and Europe. We are the largest online pound line (£ lines) wholesaler and supplier in Manchester, UK. Due to it’s big buying capacity it can compete with other major product and clearance wholesalers in the UK and Europe. The vast array of stocks and variety of goods make Clearance King the number #1 favourite choice for online sellers, as well as market traders and shop owners. By offering the lowest prices and small case quantities, it makes us stand out from other Wholesale pound shop suppliers around!

Clearance King offers an enormous range of pound products for Wholesale

Some renowned brands this pound line distributor Manchester UK deals in include Disney, Vaseline, RAW, and Zig-Zag. This supplier keeps on adding wholesale products in the UK that many retailers and pound shops choose. The features like the small-case quantities and lowest prices have allowed this pound line warehouse in the UK to compete with other renowned suppliers.

Talking about the minimum order, you can purchase the products for £200 + VAT from here. Clearance King allows its customers to either get the order delivered to their address or collect from its showroom. Though the majority of the products are clearance lines, there are also regular lines that you can choose from. You don’t need to own a company to order from Clearance King. As long as you meet the minimum order requirements, you are eligible.

Top Rated Pound Line Wholesale Supplier in UK

With decades of expertise, Clearance King is one of the best UK wholesalers. Discover around 200 catalogues that make it easier to choose the right set of products for your pound store. Some popular categories available from this pound shop products suppliers in the UK include Clearance Lines, Laundry,Floor Mats, Health & Beauty, Baby & kids, Sports & Leisure, Cosmetics, Books, Travel accessories, Christmas gifts and multiple others.

Clearance King, pound line distributor keeps updating its catalogues as per the market demands. The retailers and online stores choose Clearance King because:

  1. They get cheapest prices: The stores searching for cheap wholesale in the UK get the products at the cheaper prices, as most of the items are clearance lines. You will find scores of items for less than one pound/unit. For bulk orders (20 ft container), this wholesale supplier offers additional discounts.
  2. They don’t need to be a business owner: Even a consumer who wants products in bulk can get them seamlessly from this store. They don’t have to produce any documentation related to the business ownership. Nor, they have to be in the business of pound line wholesale to order the products. A minimum order quantity decided by this store is sufficient to be eligible.
  3. They enjoy free delivery: When buying products from any random pound shop products suppliers in the UK, the retailers end up paying a lot of money in the form of delivery fee. This isn’t a case with Clearance King. The orders above £399 are delivered in the UK without any delivery fee. Even the delivery fee below this order is reasonable. In the mainland UK, it’s £35, whereas it is £50 for the rest of the UK. You need not pay anything as a delivery fee if you collect your order above £200 from the store’s warehouse.
  4. They get the finest customer support: Some retailers have queries related to pricing, whereas the others want to check the status of their delivery. For all queries and complaints, this wholesale supplier offers the best customer support representatives.
  5. They have plenty of options: If someone is running a e-cig store, he/she can find a plethora of vape liquids and e-cigarette hardware. Similarly, if an individual is in the business of baby products, he/she can find the finest products for the store from Clearance King. Simply put, if you are running a speciality store with a particular type of products or a retail store with all necessities, you will find items of your needs from here.
  6. They get credit accounts: It can be difficult to manage if you don’t receive credit accounts from your UK wholesaler. Clearance understands it very well, and therefore, offers it without too much hassle. .

Clearance King is one of the most reliable wholesalers in Manchester. We add varities of new products regularly for the pound stores  Check our latest updates on prices, offers and new products.