At Clearance King, we offer electrical heaters at wholesale prices in the UK. The portable Halogen heater and Heating Supplies from our online discount store is quite popular, as the customers can take it along wherever they go. Other popular items at discounted prices from this category include portable upright fan, oil-filled radiator heater and small convector heater. We also have a double hot plate in this category that is used as a slow cooker and food warmer. Most of the portable heaters are available for 10 Pounds or less. This means you enjoy huge savings by putting these in your retail store or online shopping portal.

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  • Portable Halogen Heater - 1200W

    portable halogen heater - 1200w

    Product Code : HEA1131
    Stock : 12 Min Qty : 1
  • Portable Quartz Electric Heater - 800W

    portable quartz electric heater - 800w

    Product Code : HEA1022
    Stock : 7676 Min Qty : 6
  • 2000W Small Convector Heater

    2000w small convector heater

    Product Code : HEA1012

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  • Electric Portable Flat/Upright Fan Heater - 2000W

    electric portable flat/upright fan heater - 2000w

    Product Code : HEA1139

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  • Electrical Portable Upright Fan Heater - 2000W

    electrical portable upright fan heater - 2000w

    Product Code : HEA1138
    Stock : 1 Min Qty : 1
  • Double Hot Plate

    double hot plate

    Product Code : SDA42
    Stock : 580 Min Qty : 6

6 Item(s)