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Bags are one of the most presentable ways to present on any occasion. These are multi-purpose, from packing chocolates to cupcakes and other gifts, you can use it anywhere. Check out our wholesale pond line store for bags and you will find there is a huge variety available, You can find bags in all shapes, sizes, and colours to fit your business at wholesale prices.

Do not worry about the quality of the products, they are good and affordable too. Visit our online wholesale website and order in. You can also place it over a call, else visit our store in the UK for discounted bags.

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  • Fimbles/BoohBah Party Loot Bags - Pack of 8 - Designs May Vary

    fimbles/boohbah party loot bags - pack of 8 - designs may vary

    Product Code : KCC378116
    Stock : 1260 Min Qty : 24

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  • Cupcake Gift Bag Kit - Approx 16" x 22"

    cupcake gift bag kit - approx 16" x 22"

    Product Code : YAJ62870

    Regular Price: £0.60

    Special Price £0.45

    Stock : 288 Min Qty : 24

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  • Angry Birds Loot Gift Bags - Pack Of 8

    angry birds loot gift bags - pack of 8

    Product Code : YAJ201277
    Stock : 35 Min Qty : 12

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3 Item(s)