Wholesale Makeup Accessories

Makeup has become an integral part of every urban woman’s daily routine. You can't just blame females for this; some of the males do follow the same trend.

So along with good quality cosmetic products, it is very important to have other makeup accessories. Clearance king is a wholesale supplier of various makeup accessories. Makeup accessories are equally important in your makeup regime. They surely make your work easier and add to that oomph.

You can visit our online website to check the wide variety of products available and also order us online or over a call. You can also visit our store for the same. We supply products at a much discounted price to the retail stores and other business.
All the products are high in quality and low on cost..

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  • Glamorize Fabric Powder Puffs - Pack of 3

    glamorize fabric powder puffs - pack of 3

    Product Code : OTL317257
    Stock : 840 Min Qty : 24

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  • Cotton Wool Cleansing Roll - 100 Grams

    cotton wool cleansing roll - 100 grams

    Product Code : YAJ43703
    Stock : 48 Min Qty : 12

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  • Bronzer Blusher And Brush Make Up Set - Colours May Vary - Defected

    bronzer blusher and brush make up set - colours may vary - defected

    Product Code : YAJ953115
    Stock : 746 Min Qty : 12

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3 Item(s)