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Clearance King is a wholesale supplier/distributor of badminton accessories. Sports nowadays are a good choice to be involved in. Badminton is an awesome sport to opt as per cost and benefits. Choose from quality products such as shuttlecocks and badminton racquet for your pound shop.

We are a discount store so you can bulk order on the products and benefit your customers from the same. Worry not if you are a small business, we have a no-minimum policy. And we do not differentiate between bulk and small orders.
So, stock up with good quality and cost-effective products using our wholesale website. Place an order over the call or pay a visit to our store in the UK.

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  • Sports Water Bottle - 1L/1000ml

    sports water bottle - 1l/1000ml

    Product Code : KCC21703
    Stock : 624 Min Qty : 12

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  • Badminton Racquet With Shuttlecock

    badminton racquet with shuttlecock

    Product Code : ATZ6160
    Stock : 274 Min Qty : 24

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  • Shuttlecocks - Assorted Colours - Pack Of 5

    shuttlecocks - assorted colours - pack of 5

    Product Code : YAJ19535
    Stock : 523 Min Qty : 10

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  • Shuttlecocks - White - Pack Of 5

    shuttlecocks - white - pack of 5

    Product Code : YAJ19528
    Stock : 25 Min Qty : 10

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4 Item(s)