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We have various options of digital weighing scales at wholesale prices for your retail store. There are various scales from the brand Constant priced at wholesale rates. Most of these scales are priced below 10 pound (£) and come with batteries. There’s a balance with capacity of 600 grams that comes with 3-year warranty. This beautifully boxed item is in demand due to various digital features. A lot of retail store owners connect with us when they searching wholesale online store.

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  • Constant Round Digital Bathroom Weighing Scales 14192-344A

    constant round digital bathroom weighing scales 14192-344a

    Product Code : 837-9
    Stock : 7 Min Qty : 1
  • Constant Bathroom Weighing Scales - Colours And Designs May Vary

    constant bathroom weighing scales - colours and designs may vary

    Product Code : A17008

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  • Constant Electronic Personal Bathroom Weighing Scales 14192-102A - Colours Vary

    constant electronic personal bathroom weighing scales 14192-102a - colours vary

    Product Code : 14192-102Aa
    Stock : 8 Min Qty : 1
  • Balance Weighing Scale - ISC-301

    balance weighing scale - isc-301

    Product Code : ISC-301
    Stock : 1 Min Qty : 1
  • Viatim Contemporary Bathroom Weighing Scales - Packaging Defected

    viatim contemporary bathroom weighing scales - packaging defected

    Product Code : 08536
    Stock : 1 Min Qty : 1
  • Constant Digital Bathroom Weighing Scales - Colours May Vary

    constant digital bathroom weighing scales - colours may vary

    Product Code : 14192-102A

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  • On Balance Myco My-600 Scale - 600 Grams - 0.1 Grams

    on balance myco my-600 scale - 600 grams - 0.1 grams

    Product Code : MYCOMY600
    Stock : 4967 Min Qty : 3

7 Item(s)