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Snacks and family time just became fun! Clearance King is here with some food and drink options that are delicious and healthy at the same time. Our line covers products that need minimum to no cooking time.
We have made sure that our products will make children as well as adults crave for some extra munching time. From a range Microwave Popcorns to wooden bamboo skewers, we have it all. You are assured of optimum quality, while paying less than the market prices, on all the products that you take back from Clearance King.
Our product range is updated from time to time, with the latest products. So, keep buying and returning!

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  • Stop 'N' Pop Microwave Popcorn - Sweet - *No Vat*

    stop 'n' pop microwave popcorn - sweet - *no vat*

    Product Code : OTL199696
    £0.72(Unit Price)
    Available Stock: 20
    Minimum Qty: 12
  • Ghost Busters Toffee Popcorn - Gluten Free - 250G - Exp 11/17

    ghost busters toffee popcorn - gluten free - 250g - exp...

    Product Code : OTL200663

    Regular Price: £0.60

    Special Price £0.18

    Available Stock: 76
    Minimum Qty: 12
  • Bamboo Wooden Skewers

    wooden bamboo skewers - loose

    Product Code : YAJTA04280
    Available Stock: 1331
    Minimum Qty: 12
  • Stop 'N' Pop Microwave Popcorn - Salted - *No Vat*

    stop 'n' pop microwave popcorn - salted - *no vat*

    Product Code : OTL199695
    £0.72(Unit Price)
    Available Stock: 6
    Minimum Qty:
  • Stop 'N' Pop Microwave Popcorn - Butter - *No Vat*

    stop 'n' pop microwave popcorn - butter - *no vat*

    Product Code : OTL199707
    £0.72(Unit Price)
    Available Stock: 32
    Minimum Qty: 12

5 Item(s)