Sunglass has a sole purpose to save your eyes from damage. Nowadays it is a style statement more than that. Clearance King offers a diverse range of wholesale sunglasses to fit everyone’s needs. You can compare them in terms of looks, comfort, quality and cost.

It is every day essential, hence adding the same to your list of pound lines will surely benefit the business. Order them bulk at wholesale prices and offer great value to the customers.
Check out the variety on our website or visit our store. Place an order online or over a call and we are happy to help.

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  • Ladies Fashion Sunglasses with Case - Blue

    ladies fashion sunglasses with case - blue

    Product Code : IMZLFSG1
    Stock : 216 Min Qty : 24

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  • Autoplus Sunglasses Holder

    autoplus sunglasses holder

    Product Code : 11594
    Stock : 96 Min Qty : 12

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  • Black Sunglasses - For Men And Women - Maybe Defected - No Returns

    black sunglasses - for men and women - maybe defected - no returns

    Product Code : YAJ35-35
    Stock : 16 Min Qty : 12

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3 Item(s)