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Buy Premium E-liquids in Manchester UK

Vaping is a fun activity that most adults in the UK enjoy occasionally. But there are multiple factors that make your vaping session a hit or a miss.

The quality of your e-liquid is one such factor that plays a key role in your vaping experience.

Therefore, it is necessary to do your homework to understand if you are choosing the right e-liquid. If you are not sure about how to do that, we will help you through this article.

Also, make sure to check out our premium range of e-liquids from the number one e-cigarette wholesale supplier in the UK Clearance King.

Finding the Right e-liquid

  • Do your own research

Before you start to learn about choosing the right e-liquid, it is necessary to do some research on your own.

You need to get familiar with a few key terms like PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin).

You can also ask your friends or vaping partners about these terms. They will also provide you with direct suggestions about their own favourite e-liquids and how they chose them.

  • Looking for a strong throat hit?

Now that you have understood what those terms mean, understand your vaping needs.

What are you looking for in e-cigarettes and e-cigarette accessories?

If you are looking for a strong throat hit, you need to look for an e-liquid with more propylene glycol.

A VG: PG ratio of 50:50 would be the best option for a moderate throat hit. But it would be better to choose one with VG: PG ratio of 40:60 for a stronger hit.

  • What is the right nicotine strength?

The nicotine strength also influences the kind of vaping that you have. The maximum strength of nicotine allowed in the UK is 2% or 20 mg.

18 mg of nicotine in a 10 ml bottle would be enough if you are somebody who smokes up to 20 cigarettes in a day.

You can even go as low as 1.2% if you smoke a lower number of cigarettes.

If you are somebody who recently made a switch to vaping from smoking and do not find vaping to be working for you, you should probably check your nicotine strength.

Consider getting a higher level of nicotine to get the same hit that a traditional cigarette provides.

  • Do you have fun blowing clouds?

While some prefer vaping for the hit that it gives, some do it for blowing large clouds of vapour.

If you are somebody who loves to have fun blowing large clouds, the right choice for you is Shortfill.

Clearance King supplies shortfalls from various brands for customers who love cloud chasing.

You need to buy e-liquids with a higher VG ratio like VG: PG of 80:20. It is advised to use these liquids with more advanced kits in order to accommodate a thicker e-liquid.

  • Experiment with flavours

Flavour plays an important role in the buying decision of any vaping enthusiast.

But the flavour is a very subjective topic and the only way you can find out your favourite one is by experimenting.

If you want to have a smoother switch to vaping, it is better to start with a non-tobacco flavour like a fruity one.

Clearance King supplies different flavours of e-liquids like menthol, blueberry, kiwi, cola, etc. to treat your taste buds to a whole new experience every time you vape.

Choose An E-Cigarette Wholesale Supplier For Your Favourite E-Liquids

E-liquids are the most important component of any vaping device. Hence, your customers will be looking for high-quality e-liquids and e-cigarette accessories.

One source that you can rely upon as a retail store owner is an e-cigarette wholesale supplier like Clearance King.

A wholesale supplier offers e-cigarette accessories at low cost per units making it easy for you to make profits. You also get to compete with the bigger names in the market without having to spend extra on them.

Another advantage that comes with shopping from an e-cigarette wholesale supplier is the variety of products that they offer. They provide you with a wide range of e-cigarette accessories from different brands to help your customers with new vaping experiences.

They also have a wide variety of e-liquids of different brands and flavours to spice up their vaping sessions.

By procuring e-cigarette accessories from a wholesale supplier, you do not have to worry about your products running out of stock.

Buy Premium E-Liquid From Clearance King

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Choose E-Cigarettes and Vape Juices From Clearance King

  • Safe and genuine products

As a retail store owner, your number one priority would be the safety of your customers.

Do not worry about the genuineness of the vape juices that you provide your customers if you purchase them from Clearance King.

Our vape juices of premium quality are directly procured from the manufacturer. You will not get to see any clones of e-cigarette accessories or e-liquids at Clearance King.

  • Affordable prices

Clearance King offers the lowest prices guaranteed in Manchester, UK. Purchase an extensive collection of e-cigarettes of mouth-smacking flavours from popular brands.

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  • Quick and seamless delivery

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Published at: 20-02-2023
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