Buy Smoking Accessories From Wholesale Suppliers in the UK

Setting up a store for smoking accessories can be a difficult task. Due to the filtration ability and ease of carrying, accessories like pipes and bongs have become commonly used items.

If you are such a shop owner, you might want to purchase wholesale smoking accessories. They are many more benefits of doing so than you think there are.

Why Clearance King?

Clearance King has all the wholesale smoking accessories that you are looking for at the best quality and cheap prices.

Hanging out with friends or colleagues and smoking is now made exciting with our unlimited supply of smoking accessories. You can easily stock up on all the accessories that you need on all occasions by getting in touch with wholesale suppliers.

We offer products like bongs, grinders, and pipes that can make any boring event fun and exciting.  Our bongs give you the best experience as they allow proper water filtration and let you smoke smoothly without any hassles.

It can be a total letdown if an accessory like a grinder is improperly designed and gets stuck after two turns. Clearance King offers high-quality grinders that are well designed and work efficiently.

We also offer stash tin and zipper-lock bags to make sure that your smoking session is clean and organized.

You can compare and check for different prices and quality across the market while shopping online for wholesale smoking accessories. Check out our wide collection of smoking accessories today for the best and the most memorable smoking and vaping sessions.

Benefits of buying smoking accessories wholesale:

Buying smoking accessories wholesale comes with so many advantages as a shop owner. It would be smart to know them so that you do not make a mistake while setting up your own shop. Let us take a look at a few of them.

1. You get a higher overall profit:

One reason why shop owners prefer buying products from a wholesaler is that you get them at a lesser cost per unit.

It lowers the overall expense of your business thereby giving you better returns. The larger the unit, the greater will be the discount. This is because while buying wholesale, they use a sliding scale for per-unit pricing according to the size.

Each smoking accessory comes at a much lower price compared to individual selling prices when you buy them wholesale. As a result, you save much more money on each accessory letting you get great deals and save money in those deals.

It lets you earn more profit if you sell them at the individual selling price. This lets you earn even thrice the price you paid, which is amazing for your business.

2. Better variety of products:

Buying wholesale offers you a better variety of goods than when you buy them individually. You can then choose the much more cost-effective options from this variety. This variety lets you purchase a large amount of one kind of smoking accessory or various ones in small amounts.

Clearance King provides a wide variety of wholesale smoking accessories at the best rates. Our smoking accessories are a hit at pound shops and other general convenience within the country and abroad. We offer accessories like bongs, stash tins, water pipe bongs, wicks, etc. to make your smoking experience a blissful one.

3. Wholesalers offer competitive pricing:

Buying wholesale removes the option of a middleman who can take a percentage of your sale. Even though it can be a small percentage, it can add up when you buy in large quantities. This is why it is always better to buy in bulk.

Buying wholesale is also a much more cost-efficient option as you cut down all costs of moving back and forth to get products.

Buying wholesale lets you minimize the shipping costs. The shipping charges are substantially on the lower side when you buy things wholesale. This gives you even more savings letting your business flourish.

It is advised to also take the time and distance into account while choosing the manufacturer when it comes to the shipping costs.

4. Helps your store compete with bigger brands:

Assuming that you might have a smaller budget since you are running a smaller business, going wholesale would be a smarter option.

Choose the right brands and products for wholesale. Since you get such products are a relatively lower price, you are able to sell them at bigger discounts. This is a huge advantage since it helps you stay neck to neck with the bigger brands.

Your company will also be able to quickly procure new and different types of products that the bigger brands might not sell any longer. This can help you attract customers who are looking for such products that other retailers have stopped selling.

5. Helps you strengthen your relationship with suppliers:

The terms of the agreement that you have with the supplier can be negotiated after you work with each other for a longer time.

A stronger relationship leads to trust leading to better deals and offers. They may be willing to reduce the prices at which they offer you smoking accessories when you continue buying large amounts.

Wholesale agents will offer their assistance and guidance and may even recommend better products and suppliers. This also helps your business get links with other suppliers letting you build a bigger and better network.


After reading this article, you must have understood why it is much more advantageous to buy wholesale smoking accessories. Always take your time to understand which manufacturer works well for your business. Communicate well with them to see if you both are on the same page regarding the terms and conditions.

Clearance King has set the standard for other smoking accessories suppliers due to our wide variety of items and affordable prices.

We are one of the most reputed wholesale distributors and suppliers of smoking accessories in the UK.

Clearance King is a popular name among retailers who sell smoking accessories at pound shops and convenience stores. If you are looking for high-quality smoking accessories in and outside the UK, we are happy to offer our help!

Published at: 26-05-2022
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