If your mind says smoking is harming your health, but you find it tough to overcome it, there is a way to save your health without quitting cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes offered by e-cigarettes wholesalers in UK are considered by many as safer and healthier alternative to traditional tobacco based cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are Chines invention, which has presently become popular worldwide. Many e-cigarette wholesalers offer wholesale electronic cigarettes in many different flavours and fragrances, which make them preferable choices of the users.


Electronic cigarettes are usually consisting of a cartridge having liquid Nicotine and an atomizer that turns nicotine liquid into vapour in few seconds to stimulate a real cigarette. There are constant studies being conducted by the researchers to find out the potential risks and benefits of electronic cigarettes. Many of them have suggested many times that there is a potential for smokers to reduce their health risks by replacing tobacco cigarettes with electronic cigarettes.

Many others have regarded e-cigarettes as “no smoking aid’ outweighing potential harms of traditional cigarettes. If you are confused in choosing wholesale electronic cigarettes, here are some of its benefits that make it an ideal choice of cigarette smokers:

Electronic cigarettes are odourless

Many people find the odour and smoke produced from tobacco based cigarettes as offensive. When you smoke cigarette, tar, tobacco and chemicals are burnt and produce ominous odour. On the other hand electronic cigarettes produce vapour that evaporates almost immediately.

Also most of the e cigarette wholesalers in uk offer e-cigarettes in many fascinating fragrances that makes it preferable by smokers as well as non-smokers accompanying them.

Electronic cigarettes are cheaper than traditional cigarettes

Many smokers have myth that electronic cigarettes are expensive. However, the monthly and annual expenses on electronic cigarettes are much lesser than what you pay for tobacco cigarettes.

 For instance, a good quality pack of cigarettes will cost you anywhere from $7 to $15. Besides, you will have to bear taxes as well. A tobacco cigarette smoker spends on an average $300 to $400 each month.

When you buy e-cigarette for the first time, you may find cost higher due to high cost of a starter kit.  However, the month to month cost of electronic cigarettes can help you to save half of the amount otherwise spent on traditional cigarettes. Also e-cigarettes are not subject to any kind of taxes and its prices are expected to further decline with the decrease in the cost of technology.

No fire hazards like traditional cigarettes

With an e-cigarette,you are not burning an open flame like traditional cigarettes. Tobacco based cigarettes usually contain chemicals and many other carcinogenic, or cancer causing ingredients. Electronic cigarettes contain the taste of tobacco but none of harmful toxins like traditional tobacco are contained in it.

As electronic cigarettes become more and more popular, they are increasing being used at places where cigarettes are ban such as pubs, clubs etc. E-Cigarette wholesalers in UK offer smokeless and odourless alternative to traditional cigarettes, which makes them acceptable by non-smokers accompanying smokers as well. They create better sociable environment for smokers.