electronic cigarette accessories  

It is estimated that; about 2.6 million adults in the whole of Great Britain are users of e-cigarettes. And nearly two out of every five users are ex-smokers and three out of every five users are current users.

But from 20 May 2016, all manufacturers of electronic cigarette accessories need to follow abide by new vaping laws. Not following the new laws could imply serious jolt to the rising vaping trends. The standardised changes to be implemented across EU relates to the size of the liquid bottles one can buy, restriction to the limit of nicotine contained in the liquids and others. Let’s give a look at what rules can change all about


  •  The refill container must be 10 ml and not beyond it. For all those who purchased 30 ml need to purchase 10 ml only.
  •   Larger tanks will no longer be available as the maximum size of tanks has been cut down to 2ml.
  •  E-cig refills need to be completely leak-free and capable enough to provide consistent dose. This will be monitored by a mechanism.
  •  Nicotine strength will be cut down from 24mg to 20 mg and consumers will no longer be permitted to purchase huge stock.
  •  The government must be updated about all the information about the product sold by both electronic cigarette manufacturers and retailers.
  • Other important regulatory of new Vaping Law
  •   E-cigs is most likely to be provided free on the NHS
  •  An official licence will be provided by the Medicines and Health Care Products Regulation Agency to make e-cigs a best alternative to quit smoking.
  •  A nationwide ban will be imposed on any product in case 3 member state prohibits its use due to discrepancy to the new law.
  •   Massive availability of various flavours and cheaper price of products will no longer be applicable as the new law could impact on the two most likely.

 All said on the new law, supporters of e-cigs believe; this move will now ensure more safety and effective use of the product on the market. This industry of electronic cigarettes is relatively a very new industry. Hence, regulations related to manufacturing and distribution of the product had taken much time, yet ‘better late than never’, the step makes the product fall under the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD).  

It is an attempt to make vapers' fall vulnerable to the potential dangers. A person’s health is much precious to the state than the popularity of any particular product or industry.

 Leading Pound line suppliers of the UK like Clearance King which stands as an established company will surely comply with new guidelines as they sell electronic cigarette accessories. Whatever products it has supplied so far were packaged with child-resistant packaging, e-liquids & refillable bottles too were protected against any breakage. As per new regulation to nicotine level, the products will follow the norm of a maximum level of 20mg nicotine strengths.

 Following the new regulations will not set much difference to the quality standard of the products we supply. Again, our clients will not find a huge difference in the price and flavours of the product we sold due to adherence to the new law.

 The packaging will also be made much revised so that it does not hamper or tarnish the reputation of our client as they sell the product. We have always welcomed change and this time too, we shall abide by the regulations for the benefit of vapers as a whole. We as the e-cigs technology develops will try to be at par with it to delight our valuable customers.