Clearance King, UK’s No #1 Pound Plus wholesale supplier is fast getting bigger and better in the wholesale of e-Cigarettes in the UK. It has diversified its whole range of e-cigarette stocks. The vast collection of e-liquids and equipments Clearance King is supplying; belong to all reputed manufacturing companies. It will now further help the UK retailers to catch hold of reliable stocks of various kinds of e-cigarette liquids and equipment at a competitive rate.

vast collection of e-liquids and equipments

Looking at the rising demand for e-cigarette and its equipment, the pressing need to be self-sufficient with stocks always mounts on the retailers. But with Clearance King as already an acclaimed name in the field of the wholesaler, retailers’ woes and worries can settle down. They know, they can easily contact this trusted e-cig supplier for massive consignments. Retailers have highly appreciated the flexibility with price or payment mode with Clearance King’.

How Clearance King helps retailers?

The vast range of wholesale e-smoking supplies that Clearance King Offers help city retailers to remain self-sufficient with high-end stocks. The different quantity of smoking products we offer includes various kinds of premium quality papers, wraps, filter tips, ashtrays, rolling machines, rolling papers, disposable lighters, filter tips and cigarette cases.

Clearance King turns out as the most reliable wholesale suppliers over others in the market because of the following reason-

  •  Offer high quantity and option of smoking supplies wholesale
  •   Provide each of the products at a reasonable price for the easy accessibility of goods for small scale retailers’ base
  •  Offer excellent customer communication facility that is a genuinely dedicated team. They keep each of the customers well informed of best-selling products, great deals and timely discounts on the products.
  •   Stand out as an exemplary of Professionalism, Honesty and Transparency (PHT) among clientele dealings.
  •  Allow the small businesses to get hold of best e-cigs products and accessories all of latest range

E-cigs Product Reliability

With the formulation of strict regulations by EU health departments, each of the products is tested and qualifies the latest Vaping Laws. Clearance King has managed to gain client’s faith and would not wish to tarnish it for the sake of business expansion and profit. Also, it values the health of UK vapers at large and therefore supplies only genuine e-cigarette products & accessories. Each of its products is from reputed manufacturing companies who make use of best raw materials that are completely safe utility of the product. And as far as details of any product are concerned, Clearance King has always maintained a transparency to it. Also, in the case of any confusion with the information offered in the catalogue or product section, enquiry mail or a direct phone call is always welcome by the company. Hence, wait no more but just place your order tension free.

Additional benefits of trading with Clearance King

  • Safe and secure website to allow retailers order consignments online and check the stock availability easily
  • They make product ordering highly easy with four easy modes like order online, order through phone, order through a personal visit to the showroom and allow sales team visit.
  •  The company delivers consignments right on time at a very low price.
  •   The company offers credit applications securely and has set no limit for minimum order quantity of any products
  •  The company does not charge any extra amount for payments made through Debit/Credit cards
  •   For customers based at mainland UK free shipping facility is provided for orders ranging above £299.