The amount of public awareness EU government has raised related to alarming death from cancer and other related diseases as a consequence of tobacco smoking is highly appreciable. However, there are still many who have not yet dropped the habit of smoking a tobacco cigarette and switched to vaping.

Regulations for UK e-Cigarette Suppliers

Vaping e-cigarette as has been pointed out is a good alternative to smoking for it is less injurious to health. As a strict measure, the government of EU is also laying down many mandatory regulations for the electronic cigarette suppliers so that they may not sell vaping products that can be as harmful as tobacco cigarettes are.

Well, for all those who has ventured into the industry of e-cigarette products supplier in the UK and elsewhere, some important guidelines are laid down. Following such regulations will help them in the smooth supply of e-cigarettes profitably and legally. The electronic cigarette Industry has grown up many folds in the recent past.

Therefore there has been a shoot up in the number of wholesalers supplying the products. However, just a handful of these suppliers can be trusted. Why so? Well, the answer to this question is simple; they just understand profit and give the least importance to regulations laid by govt. Hence it is not just important to sell but sell it with ethical approaches.

For all wholesale e-cigarettes suppliers, it is imperative to understand that their supply of e-cigarette has helped millions to find a healthy alternative to a cigarette. Switching to vaping will not only be a healthier option for regular cigarette smokers, but it is also going to save a good amount of money too. S

Some Mandatory Regulations for e-Cigarette Suppliers

Compliance with product rules as laid down by trading standards such as testing of e-liquids, ROHS testings, WEEE compliance, and finding out reliable product manufacturing suppliers.

  • For UK e-cigarette vendors, the best way to tests e-liquids is in UK government approved labs as they give out perfect results for nicotine accuracy and contaminants.
  • The ROHS (Restriction of the use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment) testing is essential for all electrical goods. UK Government approved laboratories undergo tests of import goods to qualify the consignments.
  • Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Compliance is necessary to ensure whether the battery is recyclable. Once tested, the WEEE symbol is stamped onto the batteries.

With so many suppliers present in the market, searching for the reliable UK based electronic cigarette wholesaler is indeed tough. However, it is easy to select one when one has managed to gather extensive information about the supplier. One way to acquire valuable information is always to read through the TERMS & CONDITIONS of the vendor or check through the supplier’s UK CE approved certification.

 If the company has acquired such, it indicates the products of the company are in compliance with EU legislations. Although not very important yet again whose importance is undeniable totally is the ECITA membership of UK only Suppliers. This certification also indicates solid products compliance to the legislature.