Smokers across the world are aware of the adverse effect of smoking, yet they cannot do away with smoking as it satisfies their feel good factor. But can one put life at stake for the sake of the pleasure of taking something? The answer to this would be an obvious “NO” right?


For smokers in the UK and elsewhere, what is trending as a hot selling cake and helpful kit to quit smoking is electronic cigarette. The e-cigs vaping is considered a good alternative to nicotine smoking for consumption of nicotine is the main ‘bone of contention.’ However, for those who first start vaping should be aware of the best e-cigarette starter kits for both pleasure and safety measures.


A quick look at some of the best E-cigs Starter kits


For many who first start vaping, selecting the best kit without any prior information often turns out confusing. Deciding on kit to first try with is the hard part, but we will help you discover some of the popular kits. Trying out them purely depends on individual choice and taste but a brief guide is no harm.


1. Smok Micro One Starter Kit: - This starter kit is highly stylish and a high performing all in one kit. What make this device widely popular choice for all vapers is its fantastic features. These features make the device unique and enable one to derive maximum pleasure out of the device.

Prominent features of this starter are R80 TC Box mod which has a max output of 80W and also temperature controlling capabilities. In addition, when the device is coupled with top filing Micro TFV4, one can be assured that the device would definitely leave other vapers feeling great envy.


2. Smok Nano One Kit: - This Kit is well built with superior quality zinc Alloy, steam mini slim and the compact body is pleasing and very comfortable to hold. The painting finish makes the device highly durable, adds a shiny & soft look to the device.

The specs of the device contain support temperature control with stainless steel wire as well as Nickel 200 & Titanium, R-Steam Mini which allows in the correct adjustment of the TCR. When TCR works accurately, it is but obvious that the device would work accurate and bring better taste as one vapes the device.


3.  Jomo Tech Lite Kit: -This starter kit is not highly expensive and they are a powerful vaping starter kit. This vaping kit is well equipped with 40W 2200mAh Battery, 0.5 sub-Ohm Box Mod & 3ml tank atomiser, USB Charger and Box Case for E-Cigs. Whosoever vapes this kit turn back satisfied and this is how the device has received excellent reviews from its users across the UK.


4. Cirrus E-Shisha Pen 1650 mAh: - This easy to handle comes with various colour and the greatest advantage of this kit is its long lasting battery cell coupled with advantages like pure tasting juices, upgraded PCB Circuitry, variable voltage etc. the device contains eGO Series Atomizers and Cartomizers, 510 Series Atomizers and cartomizers, New Power Switch with Battery Charger Indicator. The device’s helpful LED indicator and full battery cut off indicates the device being fully charged.



5. Arcus E-shisha Pen 1100 mAh:- This kit comes in a full range of colours and along with 1100 mAh more powerful and the long lasting battery cell. When vaping this device, it tastes the pure flavour and because the kit contains an easy to adjust voltage features, therefore, it further makes this kit a perfect device.


To conclude, for starter the main thing is to get acquainted with a kit that suits them. E-liquids choice is again a matter of individual choice as not all people will like the same liquids that sell most in the market. There are various kits and liquids available in the market. But the valuable piece of advice for all vapers is that no starter must all at once start with strong nicotine strength liquid but slowly rise up with the strength.