Why is vaping so much popular?

The commercial availability of the e-cigarettes resulted in a dawn of a new era in the modern world. Consumption of e-cigarettes is increasingly getting embedded into the lifestyle of various individuals due to numerous attributes. Apart from being less risky for health, there are numerous other facets that are adding to its popularity.

Better than conventional smoking

Myriad individuals have suffered from diseases ranging from asthma to lung cancer. It’s the presence of numerous chemicals in the regular tobacco cigarettes that makes it so lethal. On the hand, the e-cigarettes are considered a healthier alternative. In fact, various tobacco smokers were able to get rid of their addiction by switching to this practice.

Vaping events

Vaping is not just aboe-cigarettes or vaping productst consuming nicotine through countless flavours. This activity is also becoming a source of socializing with other individuals having similar interests. Each year, various events, including expositions, discussions and e-liquid tasting sessions, are organized in the different regions of the country. All these events have the raised the coolness factor of e-cig consumption.

Vaping tricks

Just enter the phrase ‘vaping tricks’ on search engine sites and you will some interesting tricks that vaping to a new level. These tricks associated with vape clouds are, in fact, turning it into an art form. There are several Youtube channels and blogs dedicated to the vaping tricks.

Loads of flavours

Availability of various flavours itself is an exciting upgrade for individuals who used to consume same old tobacco cigarettes. Presently, there are more than 7700 unique e-liquid flavours available throughout the world.

Dynamic nature of the activity

Vaping gives a chance to individuals to graduate from a beginner’s level to an expert after a reasonable experience. Several experienced vapers prefer using an e-cigarette mod, which is an advanced version of this activity. Mods allow the individuals to modify the settings and enjoy more flavour. Some individuals also indulge in sub-ohm vaping in which resistance is kept below 1 ohm. This is again associated with the better vaping experience.

Vaping is much safer as there is no burning and most of the vapers start with a high concentration of nicotine (18-24 mg.) and gradually lower the nicotine content of the e-liquid to zero. Many former smokers are now vaping nicotine free.
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