Wholesale Home Security Products

As the homeowners have become more conscious about their home security, the demand for the security products has risen. Keeping this rising demand in mind, we offer home security products at wholesale prices in the UK. Choose from a huge range of items for your Pound Store or Bargain Store. Some bestselling items include key holders, combination padlocks, smoke alarm, doorbell chime kit and cabinet slide lock. You can enjoy huge profits with the items from our store, as some of them are available for less than 0.30 Pound. Most of them are packed with a transparent front cover for better display in your retail store.

12 Item(s)

  • Connect It Smoke Alarm - Pack Of 3

    connect it smoke alarm - pack of 3

    Product Code : ES120/3
    £8.85(Unit Price)
    Available Stock: 13
    Minimum Qty: 1
  • Plug Socket Covers - Pack of 12

    plug socket covers - pack of 12

    Product Code : OTL314285
    £0.40(Unit Price)
    Available Stock: 6072
    Minimum Qty: 12
  • Door And Window Alarm - With Batteries

    door and window alarm - with batteries

    Product Code : OTL314622T
    £0.48(Unit Price)
    Available Stock: 1056
    Minimum Qty: 12
  • Siemens Wired Bell Push - Black And White - Colours May Vary

    siemens wired bell push - black and white - colours may...

    Product Code : DCW
    £0.40(Unit Price)
    Available Stock: 1767
    Minimum Qty: 12
  • Pifco Wire Free Door Bell Chime Kit

    pifco wire free door bell chime kit

    Product Code : ELA1161
    £4.18(Unit Price)
    Available Stock: 4958
    Minimum Qty: 6
  • Connect It - Wire-Free Door Bell Chime Kit With 2 Chime Units

    connect it - wire-free door bell chime kit with 2 chime...

    Product Code : ES187
    £6.48(Unit Price)
    Available Stock: 4949
    Minimum Qty: 3
  • Pifco Optical Smoke Alarm - White

    pifco optical smoke alarm - white

    Product Code : ELA1159
    £2.82(Unit Price)
    Available Stock: 4838
    Minimum Qty: 3
  • Large Size Heavy Duty Cast Iron Padlocks Including 2 Keys - 40Mm

    large size heavy duty cast iron padlocks including 2 ke...

    Product Code : OTL305981
    £1.50(Unit Price)
    Available Stock: 312
    Minimum Qty: 12
  • Wirefree Door Bell Chime Kit

    wirefree door bell chime kit

    Product Code : ELA1163
    £3.75(Unit Price)
    Available Stock: 938
    Minimum Qty: 6
  • Security Hasp & Staple - 4.5"

    security hasp & staple - 4.5"

    Product Code : JAK08989
    £0.60(Unit Price)
    Available Stock: 180
    Minimum Qty: 12
  • Combination Padlocks - Pack Of 2

    combination padlocks - pack of 2

    Product Code : YAJMCC4362
    £0.49(Unit Price)
    Available Stock: 436
    Minimum Qty: 12
  • Leonardo Travel Lock Security Padlock With 3 Keys - 20Mm

    leonardo travel lock security padlock with 3 keys - 20m...

    Product Code : YAJ11175
    £0.25(Unit Price)
    Available Stock: 748
    Minimum Qty: 12

12 Item(s)