At Clearance King, we are selling torches at wholesale rates in the UK. One of the popular products is weatherproof LED flashlight from Kodak. This torch comes with resistant against dust and water up to Ip62 rating. Talking about the light range, it covers 25 meters.

We also sell rubber flash light for only 0.35 Pound per unit. This torch is quite popular among kids and seniors. Another popular product is 4 in 1 torch that comes in four different colours – blue, orange, green and pink. Choose the best flashlight and earn huge profits by selling them in your bargain store or retail Pound shop in the UK

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  • 3 In 1 Torch Pen - Batteries Included

    3 in 1 torch pen - batteries included

    Product Code : OTL313492
    Stock : 576 Min Qty : 12

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  • Unistyle Mini Led Torch Keyring - Colours May Vary

    unistyle mini led torch keyring - colours may vary

    Product Code : SL-0291
    Stock : 839 Min Qty : 12

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  • Jacques Briant Rubber Flashlight Torch - Not Packaged - Defected

    jacques briant rubber flashlight torch - not packaged - defected

    Product Code : YAJAA39500
    Stock : 324 Min Qty : 12

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3 Item(s)